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Coaching Services

Life Coaching Services:
Each coaching partnership begins with an in-depth 90-minute session. While this first session is designed as more of a "discovery", coaching begins here and you leave with commitments and action steps.
Career Transition: Move forward to greater satisfaction
We explore your career transition goals, identify where you are and where you'd like to be. You develop a plan and the tools to accomplish the transition you seek.
Life TransitionMake decisions with confidence
Transition into a new phase of your life, such as divorce, graduation, and retirement with as little stress as possible. I provide the motivation, structure and encouragement to reach your goals.

Self Development: Explore your unique potential
Take a fresh look at things that are important to you, explore opportunities and develop new perspectives and a plan for self development.
Goal Setting: Plan for Success
The most important step in accomplishing what you desire is to set proper goals. We use proven tools and exercises to help you identify your most meaningful goals and work together to maximize your chances for success.
Resume Writing and Interview Skills: Showcase your value to potential employers
Go beyond skills and accomplishments to identify where you can truly bring value to future employers. We bring together all the best you have to offer and create a powerful, comprehensive, best facts forward resume.

Business Coaching Services:
Business coaching addresses such issues as entrepreneurship, business growth, co-worker relationships, team building, and motivation.
Executive Coaching: Leverage your strengths and maximize your effectiveness
Many highly successful people engage a coach to gain the extra edge they need to attain success in a competitive world.
Creative Marketing: Get noticed!
Original, standout marketing campaigns that reflect your authentic values, mission, services and products.
Team Building: Empower your teams toward extraordinary performance
We empower business people to think creatively, be inquisitive, use intuition, assess risk, and take appropriate action.
Management Coaching: Manager as Coach
Identify, train and inspire people to operate with an effective, consistent and strategic mindset.
Presentation Skills: Become a relaxed, effective and commanding public speaker
Deliver your message with confidence; master the skills to overcome nervousness, develop rapport and discover your own natural style.
Business Start-up: Build your dream business
Practical step-by-step coaching to build a solid foundation for your successful new business.